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Abstract title Organic solar module fabrication by inkjet printing method
Author Tam, Kai Cheong, ZAE Bayern, N├╝rnberg, Germany (Presenting Author)
Co-author(s) Maisch, Philipp
Egelhaaf, Hans-Joachim
Brabec, Christoph J
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One of the greatest advantages of inkjet printing is the ability to create visually attractive free-form shaped solar modules. By a combination of printable transparent electrode, printable interconnect and image processing technique, virtually any pictures or patterns can be made into organic solar module with inkjet printing.In this work, starting from the ink development, we will present the whole process chain towards visually attractive, arbitrary shaped semitransparent inkjet printed organic solar cells and modules. We will show the upscaling process undertaken and the challenges in each step: from 1cm2 single cell to 4cm2 4-cell solar module and then to 84cm2 10 cells solar portrait. The optimization in process parameters involved, such as ink formulations, printing parameters and device structure will also be presented. Some key performance parameters of inkjet printed devices are presented here: For 4cm2 solar module with PV2000:PCBM as active layer material, over 4% power conversion efficiency (PCE) is achieved with 85% geometric fill factor (GFF), for the solar portrait with P3HT:PCBM as active layer material, 1.6% PCE is achieved with over 95% GFF. These results demonstrate the possibility of inkjet printing as a scalable production method for organic photovoltaic.